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  • Our families database: over 24,000 people connected to Bill Buchanan and Judy Kinney. This database includes all of the family lines below. Surnames lists: unknown surname, A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z or full list. Database updated November 2012  Lots of new Lidgett  family info.
  • Buchanan, Watson and Related Families Free books and records of families living in the Neepawa and Riding Mountain areas of Manitoba, and Elma township in Perth County, Ontario, Canada, and ancestors including Anselan O'Kyan/O'Cahan and ancestry of Irish kings.  Updated November 2012  - New Buchanan Family Tree  2012 version!

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NOTE: You may use all data on this website but remember that genealogical work is always subject to revision. If you copy some of my material, your readers will appreciate a citation to my site so that they may see if my data has been updated.

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